Yay for Long weekend Friday

by | Sep 3, 2021

Today is Unofficially the last day of summer.

Kids are back to school and it is the last day of Summer Friday hours for me at work, life just seems to go on.

While life continues to go on, I need to keep focused on having a positive mid set and faith that God has me in his hands and is carrying me through.  I will be ok.  Yes there are days, hours, moments when I am not so sure that is true and have to battle through the thoughts in my head.  I am getting better at is as I get further away from the day I was told I had a mass in my abdomen.  A plan has come into place and will change as my healing changes.

With the changing seasons comes less light and colder weather.  I typically do not do well during the winter months.  My anxiety tends to heighten and I struggle.  This coming season of Fall and Winter will be different from any other.  I am not sure what my treatments will look like through the dark season but I know I will need my community to help me get through.  This week I was blessed with love from friends and neighbors, a card in the mail, dinner for my family, flowers left on my doorstep.  I thank those of you who took the time to show your kindness to me.  Please know it was so needed and appreciated.

I will continue to need to feel the love of my community through the dark months.  Please don’t forget about me, keep reaching out.  You have no idea how much it is appreciated.

My gratitude for today is for the safety of my friends and family after this last storm, a comfy couch with a blanket and warm cup of coffee and morning walks in cooler weather.


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