Where did the Frogs and Bunnies GO?

by | Sep 15, 2021

My thoughts for today are for my friends we used to see on our morning walks.

Today I noticed the bunnies and bull frogs that used to greet us, then run away, were no where to be found.  Eric and I then had a conversation where he confirmed my thoughts that since the storms from IDA, the animals seem to be missing.  How horrible to think they could have all been washed away with the intense rain we had.  Are they all washed up somewhere downstream or are they all lost trying to figure out how to make a home in some new place.  A place they hadn’t intended to be in.  A place that I would imagine they got to after a horrifying journey they didn’t intend to take.  Are they making new friends? are they afraid?  Are they homesick?  All silly I know but I miss hearing them and seeing them.  I am fairly confident the circle of life will bring the sights and sounds back at some point and I will have to wait until then.

What I do get to look forward to, and got to experience today, was seeing a friend I haven’t seen in a while as she was rushing her son off to school, an old neighbor who was out for his morning run/walk, a puppy named Lexi who was being walked by the cutest owners ever, they couldn’t have been older than 4, a new pup for us who we stopped to show some love with pats on the head, Seamus’ dad who had already dropped off Seamus and was on his longer walk with his younger dogs, and the neighbor kids with excitement of waiting for the school bus.

I am grateful for these walks for all the experiences they give me.  They also give me an entire hour of dedicated conversation with Eric.  While we aren’t solving world problems, it is nice to have the time alone to just be us and talk.

Today my gratitude is for morning walks and all who cross my path, a network of friends and family who care for me and are praying for me and a body that is strong enough to fight like it has never been asked to fight before.


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