Viking Valhalla

by | Mar 10, 2022

Eric and I have been watching a ton of historical fiction on Netflix lately.  We started with Versailles  then Reign, then Medici and now Vikings: Valhalla.  While I have enjoyed the story lines, many leading to a quick google search, I have been amazed by the amount of sex and violence portrayed in these shows.  I can get past the sex but the violence sticks with me.  It has offered many conversations with Eric as my mind tries to put it all together, I tend to question things a lot!  Most recently was how many times he thinks a warrior/viking stabs the wrong person in hand to hand combat.  We came to the conclusion  it probably  happened pretty frequently.

Bringing it back to my current situation, I was once told a story about a young cancer patient who imagined his chemo as PacMan when he received treatments.  The many PacMen would race through his body gobbling up the cancer cells and killing them as if they were cookies or ghosts.  That is a great visualization tool but am little cutesy for me.  My chemo is the Vikings going inn for hand to hand combat. I am picturing swords and knives flying, heads getting chopped off, necks being slit, chests being stabbed……  That is a little more how I would like to view my treatment.

To help with that visualization I need to battle with the thoughts in my head.  No matter how hard it is, I need to turn my anger, frustration, guilt ,fear into a gratitude I can carry with me throughout the day.  Some of them are below, written out to make the gratitude real.

Frustration:  This damn neuropathy makes my life challenging.
Gratitude:  Every day I have symptoms is one day closer to days without symptoms

Sad: I don’t have any family close by to help me.
Gratitude:  I have been blessed with Eric and some really awesome friends as family

Anger:  Why me
Gratitude:  This is the biggest challenge I have ever faced and God will get me through.

Sad:  I am tired of feeling trapped in my house.
Gratitude: Spring is right around the corner even though we had snow yesterday



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