by | Mar 29, 2022

Well there is/has been a lot going on. I figured it was time for an update and to get it all out of my head.

Last week I had round four of the Folfiri.  Th Avastin was held because I am having a diagnostic laparoscopy on the fourth.  Avastin delays the healing process and need to be held for weeks before my surgery.  Even though this surgery will be on the minor side it is still best to keep it out of my body.

So last week I wanted to make an English muffin, unfortunately it was a generic brand and not the nice Thomas that can be split with a fork.  As I was cutting the muffin, my hand slipped and I ended up slicing the finger tips of my ring finger and middle finger.  Off to the Emergency Room before 8AM.  Glad it was early because they were able to take me right back and put 9 stitches in.  I am now prohibited from using sharp knives in the house and need to rely even more on Eric which I don’t like to do.  I guess it is all part of the learning to let others help me, boy it is hard.

This week and early next are going to be busy.  Today I have a CT scan to check the progress of the new chemo regimen I feel good about it as I really have not had the cramps, stitches or other feeling within my abdomen.  Also there has been no fluid build up, that I can feel, since my last laparoscopy where 9L of fluid was drained.  That seems so long ago.

Tomorrow is a trip to Baltimore to see Dr. Sardi to review the CT scan results with him.  It will be a long day of driving but I am feeling good about things. Then Monday it is back to Baltimore for the diagnostic procedure.  I really feel there will be better findings since my abdomen hasn’t been sitting in liters of fluid getting soft and yucky.  Everything should be dried out by now and should provide a better view of what is going on.  Please pray for good news.

Oh I also need to get my stitches taken out next week.  I never had stitches before so I hope it doesn’t hurt.  I think by the end of next week my tolerance for being poked will be exhausted.

My gratitude for today so so much gratitude for my friends who have become like family, grateful for having choices in my medical care and way thankful I didn’t watch the Oscars.  That is not reality.


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