Update to the Plan

by | Oct 8, 2021

I did it!  Went for treatment number 5 yesterday and am feeling ok today.  The side effects of one of the drugs they give me has a cumulative effect on my body so each session provides unforeseen results.  I am attempting to be proactive with any neuropathy and side effects so I had an acupuncture visit this week.  To say that was a different experience would be an understatement but I did it.  It takes a while to start feeling results from the pins placed between my fingers so I will be back for therapy every week.  I also saw my energy healer who helped to balance my energy and provided a reiki session.  I love those experiences and always feel so clear when I live, ask me about her spirit hut, I love it.  I also iced during treatment.  If you don’t know what that means it is basically freezing my feet and hands during treatment to minimize the effects of the Oxaliplatin.

I definitely have some different side effects today.  My butt cheeks and glutes have a feeling to them like they are sunburned.  I can guarantee I have not been sunbathing in the nude so am fairly certain it is a side effect.  Last night I ate too much at dinner and developed nausea on my way to visit a friend.  Thankfully I was able to use her bathroom and empty my stomach of dinner, note to self to eat smaller meals after chemo.

Moving forward, I had a great conversation with the nurse yesterday.  I will continue to have biweekly treatments until I can no longer tolerate the chemo.  There can be reductions in doses but not right now as the side effects are still tolerable.  In the meantime I will get another PET scan to see what is going on inside my abdomen.  I feel like the chemo has really helped and I am expecting a good report.   I see a surgeon at Fox Chase on October 28 to discuss surgery.  Apparently it is a long process to be “accepted” to have the surgery so the sooner I start the better.  The nurse did mention that it was positive that I am walking every day and am seeing improvement with my treatments.

I am not going to be a statistic, those are just number and I refuse to be a number.  I prefer to be an outlier so that is what I will be.  A positive outlier.

My daily gratitude: I am grateful for quiet time with friends who have private bathrooms (love you Kim), morning coffee that I can still enjoy drinking and for my kids who give me a reason to keep fighting.



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