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by | May 22, 2022

Hi all, Eric here with an update on Tara.  For now, we’re going to try to use the site for updates.  

The outpouring is love is so, so appreciated but it’s also hard to manage dozens of texts.  We love you all and we’re grateful that you love Tara so much. 

My focus needs to be on Tara (and I keep hearing that I’m supposed to be taking care of myself) and reducing the amount of time spent replying to everyone will help.

Tara asks for a lot while I’m at the hospital – and deserves everything she asks for – and this is a way to manage getting information to everyone. 

There is a meal train in place and all of your are asking how you can help.  We’ll get that figured out and will probably have someone in charge of that.  Stay tuned for more.

Luke and Brooke (and Gracie) are taken care of as far as food/meals.  We’re fortunate that they’re old enough to be pretty independent and their dad is there for them, too.

This update will have a lot of information.  We’ve had a lot of moving targets this week and you’ll see that what we heard on one day was different a day or two later. I will probably forget to add some of the things that have happened over the last week so if I told you something by text and it’s not here that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  It’s been a long week with a firehouse of information and not much sleep. 

On Saturday, 5/14 Tara was admitted to Abington Hospital (Room 2W52).  She had been throwing up and had diarrhea on and off for about two weeks.  This left her dehydrated and with very low potassium. 

One of the things that can happen with cancer like Tara’s are intestinal blockages. These can be blockages from digested food or blockages from lack of intestinal activity.  In Tara’s case it’s the latter.  The lack of activity leads to some food getting through as diarrhea and the rest coming back up. 

The protocol for this is bowel rest.  No food or drink.  In most cases this allows the small intestine to get back to doing its job.  

She has a nasogastric tube (nose to stomach) to suction out her stomach and small intestine.  That has been removing a lot of fluid.  That output needs to slow down but, as of Saturday evening, was still fairly high. 

To get Tara back home she’ll get nutrition through a picc line and a vetned gastric tube.  The nutrition started on Saturday and she feels better and is a little more spunky.  The vented gastric tube (g tube) may be placed on Monday or Tuesday.  There have been some concerns that have held up placement of the g tube.  Primarily, that has been the build up of fluid (ascites) in her abdomen.  That build up had been significant ove the last 5 months or so.  SHe had a liter drained on Friday.  That built up over about 4 weeks.  When the attending doc heard that on Friday afternoon his eyebrows went up and he became quite a bit more positive which did our hearts good.  (While a liter may seem like a lot, it’s significantly lower that we’ve seen.  She’s been drained four times and has had 2 liters, 2.5, 4, and 9 – yes NINE liters – removed.)

Prayers and good vibes to get her home as soon as possible are appreciated!

Tara had been accepted into a Clinical Trial through Jefferson.  Testing for that was scheduled for last week and treatment was scheduled to start this coming Tuesday.  The drugs in the trial are oral which obviously won’t work without Tara being able to digest anything.  Her spot is being held for the time being.  If her intestine gets back to work she should be able to start the trial.

My plan will be to post daily updates and possibly twice daily updates when time allows.  I’m looking for an option for people to be able to receive a notification when I post new updates so keep an eye out for that on posts.  

Again, thank you all so very much for the love, thoughts, prayers and absolute outpouring of concern.  This setback has shaken Tara and, to be honest, it has shaken me too.  If text replies or updates here are slow please be patient.  I’ll get information out to the best of my ability after taking care of Tara.



    Thank you Eric your doing an amazing job .. We love you guys and praying for Theses next steps to get Tara home..

  2. Lindsey Papakirk

    We are praying for Tara and your whole family! Stay strong & hopefully Tara will be home soon!

  3. Jennifer Fisher

    Thank you very much for the update, Eric. Sending love & prayers.

  4. Kim Madden

    Thank you Eric for giving us updates and for being there for Tara. Sending love and positive vibes her way🙏🏻❤️

  5. Natasha Birmingham

    We are sending so much love and prayers for healing! Thank you for the updates, Eric.

  6. Terri Shade

    Tara – you are in my thoughts prayers and Eric you are a Rockstar! Sending love and positive vibes for healing. Wishing you a “whellie” speedy recovery so that you will be back on the bike again in the future. We are a phone call away if you need something…please just ask.

  7. Terri Shade

    That was supposed to say “wheelie” speedy recovery!!


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