Two more days

by | Oct 19, 2021

Two more days before the toxic nature of chemo enters my body.  The effects of chemo are cumulative so each one comes with more side effects.  Within 24 hours my body will feel like it has been run over by a train.  My calves and knees will hurt as will random spots throughout my body, I will feel random twitches all over. I will spend more time sleeping than awake, hopefully. My fingers will feel “normal” until I touch something cold then they will light up with pins and needles. My jaw will hurt and anytime I eat something I will have intense pain for the first few bites. Drinking anything cold will be impossible and I will develop a taste in my mouth that makes me feel nauseous all the time.

Sounds awful but after a few days the side effects will start to fade.  One by one they will fade usually leaving the finger tingles for last.  I started to see an acupuncturist, I see him today, to help with the feelings and hopefully prevent any long term effects.  With each treatment the effects of chemo seem more intense and linger a little longer.  I am grateful for the days like today, when I feel as normal as I can.  Most of the effects are gone but I know they will be back after my treatment Thursday.

Do I have a plan yet?  That seems like the million dollar question.  I asked to doctor to rescan since I am feeling great and all the pain, fullness and tightness I had in my abdomen is no longer there.  I know the chemo is working!  So I have my 6th treatment on Thursday followed by a visit with the surgeon on Monday, lab work on Tuesday and a CT scan later in the day.  Insurance denied the PET scan so CT it is.  Hopefully after these visits I will have better idea what my future looks like.

I am positive in my out look and consistently visualize myself being completely healed.  I know God is not done with me in this life and I have big plans for when I am better.  My plans include running the Pittsburgh Marathon, getting my endurance club up and running and supporting all efforts to remove the stigma of a mental health diagnosis.  God willing I will do all three things.

Gratitude for today:  Days when the effects of chemo are at their least impact, colder days with the heat and flannel sheets and the love and support of friends and family who love me with all my faults.


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