Tuesday Morning (5/31) Update – Getting settled in

by | May 31, 2022

Apologies for the lack of a post yesterday.  Tara’s mom and brother were still visiting so we spent some time with them in the morning.  We’re also working on our rhythm now that Tara is back home.  Her nutrition (IV only) is 12 hours on and 12 hours off.  We’ve been hooking her up around 7pm and removing the nutrition and pump around 7am.  While it’s not a ton of work it does require some time and lots of attention to detail.

At hook-up time I mix multivitamins and generic Pepcid into the main nutrition bag, flush Tara’s IV line, prime the nutrition pump, connect the nutrition to the IV line and make sure the pump is running correctly.  Tara has a picc line for nutrition.  That line runs to the large veins near the heart so making sure the lines, vitamin bottles, connections, etc. are sterile.  Removal takes less time but requires me to flush the picc line after the nutrition is removed then clean up the supplies.

Tara’s stomach drain feeds to a collection bag (a urinary bag like someone with a catheter would be on) which needs to be drained occasionally.  That’s about the simplest chore that we currently have.

As we get settled in we’re sure that there are things we’ll need help with but we’re not sure what those are quite yet.
Stay tuned…


  1. Carol houseman

    Hugs to you both. Eric, what a great guy you are. !!! Aunt Carol

  2. Nancy L Smith

    God bless you both., Praying for healing and strength for each day. You are strong, Tara, I know you can get through this. I am so glad you are home in your own bed surrounded by family.

  3. Jennifer Fisher

    So happy you are home. Sending love, hugs, and many many many prayers.❤️ Am here for you, whatever you need.❤️


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