Tuesday morning (5/24) Update

by | May 24, 2022

It’s Tuesday morning and we’re hoping for some progress in getting Tara home today.  She had a CT scan yesterday to determine if they can place the gastric tube that will get her home.  That scan was at 3:00pm so we didn’t expect any news last night.  The doctors will review the scan this morning and come up with a plan.

Things continue to be a moving target.  That’s frustrating at times.  Tara called me yesterday and asked me to come to the hospital early because they were going to start prepping her for surgery (gastric tube placement).  I headed to the hospital early only to be told that I couldn’t go to her room until visiting hours (even though I had been previously told that I could go to the room early).  Once I got upstairs we were told that the surgery was off for the day and that they were going to do the CT scan.  We understand that things are fluid but it can feel like the different departments aren’t even talking to each other.

Other than that frustration it was a pretty good day for Tara.  They’re continuing to fine-tune her TPM nutrition as her body is utilizing it well.  She’s actually using it a little TOO well so they have to increase some of the components of the mix.  We’ll take that as a good sign.  The TPN is definitely making her more herself and she was even more lively than Sunday.  Again, we’ll take that as a good sign of progress. In news that I never thought I’d be widely sharing, Tara pooped three times yesterday.  She hadn’t pooped since last Tuesday so that is big news.  Those were actual poops and not diarrhea.  Again, signs of progress and something positive.  The attending doc seemed encouraged by that, too.

So, fingers crossed that they decide to place the gastric tube today as that will give us a timeline for getting Tara back home!  Stay tuned for an update once we have some news…


  1. Lisa Urban

    Thank you for all of your updates!! Thinking of Tara always!! ❤️

  2. Tina Glitz

    Thinking of you Tara and hoping you can leave the hospital soon. Sending you a big hug. Love you girl.

  3. Aaron Walters

    Sending lots of love and well wishes to all of you. Please tell Tara that I have been missing her fun loving quirkiness, especially out on the road when she would talk to all of the critters along the route.

  4. Gwen

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you know i love a good 💩 🪠story!!! Goooo Tara!!! Looking forward to you getting home ❤️❤️


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