Time to kill some bad guys

by | Aug 11, 2021

Today I start chemo with many mixed emotions.  I am glad to finally have a way to fight back and kill some really bad cells along the way.  I am also frightened, frightened by the unknown of what this new life will look like for me and my family.  I know I will get about 2-3 hours or IV chemo and will be hooked up to a pump that will stay with me for the next 2 days.  A nurse will come out and remove the pump from my home so I won’t need to travel to have that done.  I will repeat this pattern every two weeks for the next four week.  After this time I will be scanned and the plan will either continue or it will be tweaked.  I will also receive anti nausea drugs to prevent any sickness.

What I don’t know if what causes me the fear.  Will I lose my hair?  Will I be able to keep working?  Will I be able to continue my walks?  Will this be enough?

Yesterday I had such an amazing gift from God from three very unrelated friends.  One, a neighborhood friend who had her own battle with cancer, one, a good friend from church and one a  friend of my mother’s.  My first communication was when bible study verse was shared with me.  When I asked which Bible study it was from I was told it was “Jesus Calling”.  The second was a note shared from a friend where she shared these words, “Trust in God is like a seesaw, fear and anxiety on the  lower end and trust on the high end”.  These words were shared from “Jesus Calling” and were the same words shared from the devotional of earlier in the day.  Later in the evening, my mother’s friend called.  As we were talking she said she wanted to send me a gift.  It was a gift someone gave to her when her husband was battling cancer and it gave her peace.  The gift was the devotional “Jesus Calling”

I don’t believe in anyway this was a coincidence but a message from heaven that Jesus will be here to support me through this journey and will provide peace when I need it.

Many of you have asked how you can help.  It is hard for me to ask for help but I know I am being nudged to start doing so.  I have always found great joy being in the presence of others.  Please stay in my presence!  Feel free to stop by and just talk.  I work from home so I spend way too much time looking at four walls .I would welcome your visits and conversation.  I know down the road my needs will change but for right now, just be with me, pray for me, share your love with me, call me, visit me.

I will get through and will win with the strength of you and God’s Calling!



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