Thursday morning (6/2) update – at least I think it’s Thursday

by | Jun 2, 2022

We’re settling into a routine now that Tara is home.  Her nutrition got switched from 12 to 16 hours yesterday as she was hungry and a little lightheaded at 12 hours.  We’ll see if that makes her feel better during the day.

Nutrition gets connected around 4:00pm and disconnected around 8:00am.  The nutrition pouch and pump go into a bag/backpack so moving around isn’t too hard but it still limits activity to a degree.  The connection process includes adding multivitamins and generic Pepcid to the bag of premixed nutrition fluid.  The IV line is then connected to the nutrition bag and the pump, the pump needs to be primed, Tara’s picc line gets flushed with saline, then the IV line gets connected to the picc line.  It’s a pretty simple process but takes about a half hour.
Disconnection is easier. Unhook the IV line from the picc line then flush the picc line with saline.

On the upside, we went for a short walk this morning.  Was it a half marathon?  Nope, but we’ll take it.  After two weeks in a bed, Tara’s strength is far from what she’s used to so, for now, we’ll try to take a couple of short walks every day.

Thank you to everyone that has reached out to see how they can help!  If all of you showed up at the same time I don’t think that there’d be a single square foot of Tara’s house without someone standing on it.
We’ll keep you posted as needs arise.

Feel free to send Tara texts. She may not be able to respond right away (maybe not at all) but she’ll be happy to hear from you.

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  1. Deborah Ann Presutti

    Stay strong and positive 😉


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