The river

by | Jul 31, 2021

Talking to People, and really anything that crosses my path.

Riding my bike.

Being near water and just listening to the peace and calm its flowing brings

All these things are some of my favorite things.   Today I got my butt on my bike and rode to the river.  During my ride I said hello to everyone we passed, this included a wooly caterpillar and a beautiful butterfly.  We rode to the river and stood on the walking bridge just watching the Delaware flow.  A kiss or maybe two on the bridge, a habit Eric and I started a long time ago when we first started riding together.  Our climb up Cutaloosa road was a little slower than normal but it allowed me time to take in the scenery.  I have been blessed all these years to live in such a beautiful part of Pennsylvania with gravel roads that follow a stream in the share of tree covering.  Today was beautiful!


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