The Good with the Bad

by | Jan 14, 2022

Life is always changing and I am always learning how to deal with the ups and downs.

Yesterday was a chemo day for me.  I was supposed to have my blood drawn the meet with nurse Karon, Dr. Cohen was booked, to discuss next steps.  I was surprised when Dr. Cohen walked into the office with hi goofy laugh.  Basically, there is no cancer in the fluid that was drained last week.  Dr Cohen feels the fluid is still related to the cancer but was pleased there was none in the fluid.

I will probably have more fluid drained this week or next, it is starting to build up again.  Dr. Cohen also gave me a break from Chemo meaning NO CHEMO yesterday.  He assured me it would have no effect on my treat ment but he wanted to make sure I had the blood levels I needed to have my laparoscopy next Friday.  Yes that is happening unless Jefferson decides to cancel elective surgeries.

So that was awesome news for sure but as I said life always comes with the good and the bad.  You see on Sunday Rob let me know he thought he had COVID and couldn’t get a test for a full week. I had a couple tests which I was saving for my household and decided to give him one of my tests, really so I would know what to look for in Luke,  he tested positive.  Luckily we tested Luke and he was negative and I was down to one test for my household.

Yesterday morning Brooke started text me that she wasn’t feeling well and asked if I had a test for her.  I had one left and she hasn’t spoken to me since Mother’s Day but she is still my daughter and I love her very much so I gave her my last test.

So I am going through my day thinking I made all the right choices, then Luke comes home from school and announces he isn’t feeling well.  I had NO MORE tests when I have planned ahead to make sure I was prepared when I needed to be.

My selfish side definitely had me upset with myself for being kind but thankfully my grateful side won out.  Grateful that Rob had ordered tests on Amazon and they arrived late yesterday afternoon, but Luke tested positive.  So now I am keeping my fingers crossed I don’t get it so I can have my surgery next week.  Luke is quarantined in his bedroom and bathroom and I will be bringing food to his room.  Kind of changes plans to enjoy the first non-chemo weekend but Mom responsibilities never end.

I will continue to adjust to the ups and the downs of this moment in my life.  God is in control and if my surgery gets cancelled it will be rescheduled for a later date.  Always moving forward.




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