Thanksgiving week

by | Nov 22, 2021

Monday morning of Thanksgiving week.  A non-chemo week so I am excited to enjoy the holiday.  This was a harder weekend for me physically as all my body wanted to do was rest and sleep.  I did plenty of that this weekend for sure.  I am so grateful to have Eric by my side all weekend.  It is true blessing to be able to stay under a warm blanket and have things brought to you.

No brewery hours this weekend!  It is a little bitter sweet to say Eric and I are no longer working at Bucks County Brewery.  I loved the opportunity to help grow the business and felt a special fondness that my friends enjoyed the environment we helped create.  Unfortunately, the joy we received from being a part of the brewery was overshadowed by negativity and inaction and it was time for us to move on.  I wish them well and all the best but was super excited to have my couch and Eric around this weekend.  I will miss you though Bucks County Brewery.

This week MOM and Keith are coming!!!  I am just a little excited to see them, oh and Alexis the bulldog will be visiting as well.  Our plan is to eat turkey, watch football and Tiger King and just chill.  Sounds amazing to me right now.  Mom is not one for shopping anymore, she has a hard time walking around and will all her falls lately I think she is a little afraid to be out walking.  We will be doing black Friday online from the comforts of the couch this year and that is OK.

My daily gratitude:  Anticipation of spending time with family, Eric and his kind nature to take care of me, my home that keeps me safe from the cold and rain outside.


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