Thankful for Fires

by | Jan 17, 2022

One of the best aspects of my house is the wood fireplace.  These two pictures from the weekend show just how much we appreciate to warmth and crackle of wood in the fireplace.  You might notice one of us is a little more present than the others.  We always laugh at how she will lay in front of the fire until her brain melts.

Fires are just so calming.  They remind me of rivers, I could just sit next to them and watch them move and glow for hours.  There is the warmth that covers your body, the smell of the wood burning and the constant crackle the wood makes while it burns, some more than others.

I was so blessed this weekend to not have my chemo treatment this week.  Especially because Luke was quarantined at my house with COVID.  I am glad he was able to be with me while he slowly recovered but I felt like a jailer keeping him in his room and bringing his meals to him.  Thankfully he has grown into a kind and understanding young man.  Life has a way of surprising you because I really didn’t think he would overcome his anger he had when he was younger.

So spending so much time on my couch made me realize I needed a new one.  My current couch is leather, or so I was told, but it has recently changed to a cracked and peeling mess.  It is bad enough that when I leave the couch I have pieces of the leather attached to me.  I tried to get some kind of reimbursement from the manufacturer, the store I bought it as has since closed, but I guess no one expects a couch, a leather couch, to last more that 5 years.  So a new couch will be delivered on the 22nd.

Still feeling well and hoping to get the exploratory laparotomy on Friday.  Fingers crossed I have escaped the rona and will be healthy come Friday.


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