Testing, Testing, Testing

by | Jan 19, 2022

Today I go to the city for some pre admission testing for my exploratory laparotomy on Friday.  I am not really sure what testing they will do but I think at a minimum I will have an EKG and some blood work.  I am sure I’ll pass with flying colors but there is always a bit of anxiety with what is unknown.

I am still feeling well.  Unfortunately the swelling has come back so I am uncomfortable but not in pain.  I was given a script for a paracentesis but when the called to schedule it they wanted to wait until after my laparotomy.  I know the Jefferson surgeon said he could drain the fluid when he does the exploratory surgery.  I am banking on him being able to do that.  This distended stomach is ridiculously uncomfortable.

So Luke is clear of COVID but Brooke has tested positive.  She is at her Dad’s so that is good but I am holding back on sending Luke there until the virus is out of the house.  I know Luke just had the COVID but I don’t want anything being brought back to me, especially now.  He will be skiing this weekend so I will have some quiet time to myself while he is away.  Good for recovery and not feeling the Mom guilt.

Oh and I ordered a new couch.  My current couch is “Leather” but after 5 years of ownership I believe the leather is no longer there.  There are little pieces of “leather” all over the place.  I love my leather couch but don’t want to deal with having to watch it slowly deteriorate.  So Saturday will be a big day when the new couch arrives.  I will  have time to myself to see just how comfortable it it.

Gratitude for today:  Instagram and their funny animal videos, especially the pandas, warmth from the heater that protects me from the cold and friends and family.


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