Testing, Ports and PENN

by | Aug 4, 2021

While everything seemed to be on hold for the last couple of weeks, this week has been a blur of activity and honestly it is feeling a bit overwhelming.  I definitely had a break down yesterday but as always seems to be the case, there are people who support me even when I am an emotional blubbering mess.  It is hard for me to lean on other people.  I have always been the one to cheer others on, many times sacrificing my own needs at the same time.  I am learning to let others come along side me and support me.  It shouldn’t be so hard but it is getting easier.

Yesterday I had my PET scan, I find is crazy how quickly things moved one my new insurance started.  I honestly received a call shortly after 8AM on Monday to schedule the PET scan.  No results yet, they told me about two days for the results.

Today I am going to have my port put in.  Not too happy about going under anesthesia again but I will buck up and with Eric’s support, get this port placed.

On Monday I get to see a different doctor at PENN for a second opinion.  This is not the doctor that came referred to me but as PENN the doctors work as a team so I know I will be in fantastic hands.  The doctor who performs the surgery I may need is also at PENN and I should meet with him as well on Monday.  I am happy already with the speed PENN seems to be moving towards treatment, I still have not been told what cancer I have other than an adenocarcinoma.  The PET should help with narrowing it down and allow the physicians to better target it.

Please say a prayer for me today for comfort and healing as I get ready to have my port placed.

Time to go get my walk in.



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