Test Results are coming back

by | Feb 1, 2022

This morning I received the test results from the 9L of fluid that was drained from my abdomen.  There was only one small cluster of atypical epithelial cells, positive for Ber-EP4, which I think is related to melanoma?  There were also red blood cells and debris.  The atypical cluster is only present on one level of the cell block.

There was certainly a lot of googling going on trying to make sense of the medical jargon.  This is why I am always hesitant to look at the results as they come in the patient portal.  I will sit with my interpretation above and will have to compare my research to that of the medical professionals when In see them next week.

My thought on what I have interpreted is positive.  I think if the fluid was full of cancer cells that would not be good, but maybe that means it is my body trying to get rid of dead cells which could be a good thing but it it means the fluid is circulating the “bad” cells into my body.  Ah it is frustrating.


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