Saturday morning Coffee

by | Aug 14, 2021

Usually on Saturday mornings I would have a peaceful morning of coffee before meeting friends to go for a run followed by breakfast.  We are the “We Run for Breakfast” group.  I miss running, can’t believe I am saying that but it is true.  I miss the comraderie of friends are we each set off on our own challenge for the morning.  Some of us run the full time, some run/walk while others just walk.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness plan we just encourage you to do your best and keep moving.  Keep moving because the reward of breakfast at Aunt Judy’s is always there.

Over the years our group has changed.  We have been a rather large group of friends down to most recently just three of us: Sue, Eric and myself.  I always felt encouraged by the friends that joined in whenever they could.  I love to help others and this was one thing I was always able to do.  Encourage others to take some time out of their day for them, move their bodies and breathe in some fresh morning air.

Since my diagnosis, “We Run for Breakfast” has not been meeting.  Although I am still getting outside to walk, it is not in a group setting anymore.  I will get back there one day and I will run the entire time.  I am looking at this time as a time for me.  I never took time for me and having it forced on me is a little strange.

Raising Brooke and Luke and constantly adapting to the days where anxiety and panic attacks for Brooke would creep in was a full time job.  I honestly don’t think I know how to take care of myself.  What does one do?  I hope this journey teaches me what I should do and helps me to level set my life and provide balance.




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