Saturday morning (5/28) update – Coming Home (?)

by | May 28, 2022

Yes, that headline is pretty similar to yesterday’s.  We have a high degree of confidence that Tara will be discharged today but, as we’ve seen, things can change.

As of yesterday afternoon, the plan was to send Tara home with her first few days of IV nutrition and supplies.  Home infusion should be out to visit on Sunday and Monday.  She’ll be hooked up to her nutrition at some point between 1:00 and 4:00 today then will be able to go home.

Tara’s mom and brother drove in from Pittsburgh last night so they’ll have a couple of days with her before heading back home.  At this point we can’t think of anything that we’ll need.  Since we’ll have IV nutrition bags that need to be refrigerated we’d ask to hold of onmeals until we figure out the set up at home.  Stay tuned for any other needs and thank you all for your love and support!


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