Round 4

by | Sep 22, 2021

Trust Me and refuse to worry, for I am your Strength and Song.

These are the words that greeted me today, a day as I prepare for my fourth chemo treatment.  I am feeling more at peace today with this treatment and have been able to look at the discomfort of the treatment at a short time within a longer cycle.  The discomfort includes things like pins and needles in my hands and feet, especially when I touch something cold, a feeling of complete exhaustion, an awful taste in my mouth, a feeling of tightness in my throat when I eat or drink anything cold and pain in my teeth whenever I bite on something.  Again these are all temporary.

I have prepared differently this time.  On advice from some friends, I will be going into the treatment with cold mitts and booties for what is known as icing.  I also stopped at the larder yesterday and bought sugar free root barrel candies.  I want to be able to ride and run after treatment and don’t want me hands and feet to keep me from doing that.  I also hope the root beer barrels will combat the taste of chemo in my mouth.  Oh, through this process I bought a new gravel bike and can’t wait to get it out on the trails.

I don’t know if I will be able to spend my infusion time drawing as I did last time.  I guess it will depend on how long the cold mitts stay cold.  Infusion is usually 2 hours which can be a lot of time for ice packs to stay frozen.  I bet I will look pretty funny in my chair today with my mitts and booties.

I am also not turning away any possible course of therapy.  I started seeing an energy healer and it is AMAZING.  She is quite an incredible person and I always leave my sessions with her feeling calm and at peace.  On Sunday I went to an Tibetan singing bowl session inside a salt cave.  I really think the peace I am feeling now has to do with the energy provided in that session.  I am also taking CBC and CBG tincture, a great friend has been guiding me in this treatment.  There is plenty of good research out there about the healing benefits of both.  So like I said, I have nothing to lose and will continue exploring all possible options for non-traditional treatments in addition to traditional.

What Do I need right now?  First and foremost, continued prayers for healing and health.  God is the great healer and it is only through his grace I will be cured.  I also need the presence of my friends and family.  The weekend after chemo is always the hardest.  I get very emotional on Fridays as the effects of steroids wear off.  By Saturday I just want to lay on the couch and recover.  Stop by and say hello and spend a few minutes with me.  That would mean the world to me, your presence with me.

No walk today, there isn’t enough time and I think I probably need a rest day anyway.  Eight walks in the last seven days can take a toll.

Today I am grateful for the feeling of peace I have right now, the opportunity to live where there are many options for care and for friends and family who are constantly lifting me up.  Keep Praying!!!!!!


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