Round 2 of the New chemo

by | Feb 23, 2022

Today I get to drive to Willow Grove to be hooked up to an IV pump for a few hours.  I say get to because I don’t have to drive to the city.  With my getting care at Jefferson, I get to experience their new cancer pavilion rather than drive to city with rush hour traffic.  I love going to the city but chemo every other week is not something I want to drive to the city for.  Now if you were telling me we were going to Reading Terminal Market for donuts at Beiler’s or cannolis at Termini’s, I would be all in.

I am also excited that I get to spend this evening with two friends I haven’t seen in a few years. One of The gifts of cancer. Due to a misunderstanding 6-7 years ago we lost touch and have not spoken until after my diagnosis.  These were my girls, my sisters I never had.  I am so grateful we reconnected and will be getting together tonight.  My love for them and our friendship never waned.  Thank you Lord for bringing them back into my life!

Finally this weekend i will be joining other friends to celebrate the life of another one of my friends.  This is a 42 year old father and husband. I am grateful for the times I spent with Derek talking about Penn State and Pittsburgh Steelers football while he was busy working out my aches and pains, he was also my chiropractor.  I always admired his strength as he battled and beat one round of Lymphoma.  Unfortunately he wasn’t able to beat his recurrence.  I will have Leslie and the kids in my prayers for peace and comfort.

Anyway, hoping to get a walk in today so I can enjoy this gorgeous weather.


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