Recovery Time

by | Sep 24, 2021

Wednesday of this week I had my fourth round of chemotherapy.

I am still feeling good and can’t wait for the nurse to come today and take Pumpy home.  Last night I got two alarms from Pumpy that I can only assume were from my tossing and turning in my sleep.  Not a big deal but annoying to be woken up twice to the beeping.  I was happy however I didn’t have to call the infusion group in the middle of then night.

I went into my appointment on Wednesday expecting to be told my next step would be a CT scan to see how the chemo is working.  After the nurse being over an hour late to see me, apparently she was double booked all day, I was told to schedule chemo number 5.  Not what the doctor had been telling me all along so not only was I annoyed to have waited for more than an hour this was not what I wanted to hear.  I tend to be someone who likes to have a plan to follow.  Give me an end goal and steps to follow and I will work away.  Unexpected changes don’t usually sit well with me but I am working on it.

Anyway, the nurse agreed to order a scan, a PET scan this time, and I am waiting for insurance to approve it.  In the meantime, I am scheduling an appointment with Dr. Reddy at Fox Chase to discuss his thoughts on surgery.   That is one thing that makes this whole journey frustrating, the constant change and different plans from doctors.  While I realize it is not a perfect science and treatment is up to what each doctor feels is appropriate It is still frustrating.

So for today I will do what I can to fight through this journey.  I will get my walk in, drink plenty of water, eat healthy, take my CBC/CBG and get good rest.  This is what is in my control so I will do my part.

Gratitude for today:  I am grateful for choices available to me, for feeling well and for the ability to keep working while I am going through treatment.


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