Rainy Day = No Walk

by | Sep 1, 2021

Hurricane Ida sure made it’s presence known and is now bringing rain to Doylestown.  I guess I am not as dedicated a walker as I thought because I am not going out there in that weather.  I am ok with that though as I have been feeling like my body could use a rest and maybe there will be an opportunity later today for a rainless walk.

I realize I haven’t spoken much about how I am feeling.  To be honest with you, I feel pretty good.  Before chemo started I was feeling a heaviness and discomfort in my abdomen and it was hard and distended.  Today, I am grateful for the layers of fat that I am used to as they as starting to replace the heaviness.  Who knew there would be an opportunity to say I have a soft layer of fat in my abdomen and I am grateful for that.

Of course the starting to feel better brings questions of what is next.  Right now the plan is to receive two more rounds of chemo then re scan to determine the effectiveness of the chemo.  From there, I really don’t know but I do know I am in good hands.

I decided not to seek treatment at Penn.  It was comforting to visit with them and hear they agree with the doctors at Jeff and would follow the same course of treatment.  I wanted to get one more opinion to see if I felt more comfortable with another doctor so I will be seeing a doc at Fox Chase later this week.  They have my records and have already advised they would recommend the same course of treatment.  That is comforting but I still haven’t felt like I found a doctor who I feel a connection to.  Maybe that is not a thing in Oncology but I wanted to give it one more try at a smaller, cancer dedicated facility.

For today, I will be grateful for the life that I do have.  Grateful I live where there are so many opportunities so seek world class physicians so close to home.  Grateful for the occasional rainy day that forces rest in times we may not even know we need it.

“Just take time to be with Me.  Sit quietly and think about me.”


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