Pumpy is back

by | Sep 9, 2021

How am I feeling after my third round of chemo?

I feel great.  God willing I am sleeping well and I believe I am healing well.  Yesterday at chemo I spent the entire two hours coloring, like a little kid, I was coloring.  It was a nice distraction from thinking about the chemo entering my body.  Funny thing though is as I was coloring pictures of flowers I struggled to make sure I was coloring everything the same color as it is found in nature.  Many of the flowers I didn’t recognize, those pictures will get colored later.  I think next time I have chemo I will just allow myself to make the picture beautiful rather than correct.  I mean there is nothing wrong with a purple sunflower in a field of blue daisies?  Right?

I am forever grateful for friends who continue to amaze me with their kindness.  I must have done something right in my time here because there are so many of you.  Yesterday Luke and I were treated to a delicious dinner, another friend offered her driving services anytime I need them.  In fact I think her words were something about taking my “sweet ass” anywhere it needed to go.  Hmmmmmm!  I also received the best body pillow complete with a silk pillow case and some more coloring books.

I promise to return the kindness any opportunity I can, that is the true gift of this.  We are meant to live in community with one another, not in discord.  I don’t want to add too much but it breaks my heart to see how my community is so torn right now.  I pray God will heal the anger and allow us to come together to support on another.  Our time here is short and anger and negativity are no way to live.

My gratitude for today:  I am thankful, eternally, to friends who help in time of need,  I am grateful for the love of my dog who just can’t seem to get enough back, I am grateful for this chemo that even though is brings anxiety at times, also brings healing to my body.


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