One More Sleep

by | Aug 8, 2021

Sunday morning and I just got home from my walk.  I feel like the are the most important way I can fight back and maintain my sanity.  There is so much beauty to be seen if you just look for it.  Eric and I typically walk around the same time and can usually count on seeing some of the same things on our walk.  There is the abundance of dogs out getting their walk in, some are happy to see us and some not so much.  We always make sure to say hi and,  if they are willing to let us, we give them love.  Dogs have so much love to share.

One of my favorite spots on our walks is the path between the neighborhoods.  There is so much to see and appreciate on that path.  My favorites are the bunnies and bull frogs.  We joked the other day that the bunnies seem to have become used to us and no longer hop out of our way.  Of course they always get a nice greeting from us as we walk by.

The early morning is such a good time to set your focus for the day.  The time you take in the morning to establish a positive outlook is priceless.  Eric and I always talk when we walk and I find that a good distraction for my brain and keeps pulling it away from where it wants to go.

So the one more sleep thing.  Tomorrow I am seeing a physician at PENN for a second opinion on my course of treatment.  I may even get to meet the surgeon if surgery is part of my plan.  Either way, I am scheduled to start chemo treatments on Wednesday through Jefferson.  The idea behind that is to shrink my tumor so it is easier to remove the cancer, then perform a HIPEC or Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy procedure.  This would involve removing the tumor then injecting heated chemotherapy into my abdomen to kill off any remaining cancer cells.  It all sounds so overwhelming but honestly I just want to get this thing out and gone for good.  I have too much more to do.

Please pray that the visit tomorrow leads to a path forward and that we can get on the path quickly.


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