Oh Neuropathy

by | Mar 1, 2022

It is a thing.  I have it in my hands and feet and while it is really annoying and has brought me to tears at time, it is comforting to know it is likely to go away.  it could take up to 8 months but it should go away.  I am finding ways to continue living my life. Nightime is the worst but once I get snuggled into my bed it seems to subside a bit.

There is a ton of conversation on the facebook support groups about icing, wearing ice packs on your hands and feet during your chemo treatment to combat the effects of Oxaliplatin.  I tried but found it didn’t work for me.  That is what I am finding with this journey.  Not everything works for everyone and if it doesn’t work you have to just move on and try something else.  I do think some of the suggested treatments work because the patient BELIEVES they will work, them mind and positive thinking are so powerful.

I am still on my plan.  Last week I received treatment two of four.  This is the new chemo that includes immunotherapy.  The biggest side effect is nausea which I experienced this weekend.  This new chemo works by cutting the blood supply to the cancer, basically choking the life out if the little fuckers.  I am hopeful this new course of treatment will provide enough of an effect on my cancer to allow me to plan for surgery.  I have said it before but I just want it out!!

Today’s Gratitude:  For friends who check in, bring food including homemade cookies and share their love with me, for the time I have left with Luke before he heads off to college and for my job that allows me to continue working.



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