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by | Apr 28, 2022

Last Thursday I met with my Oncologist to find out the next steps available to me.

Long story short, I had been on my second line of chemo, FolFiri and Avastin, for four treatments,  My first chemo, Folfox, ,caused some pretty severe neuropathy issues.  Fortunately the neuropathy is getting better and the discomfort is minimum.  So we decided the tumors started to grow again and we should start looking at other options.  There are two pills I could take but that chemo is designed to stop progression, not shrink tumors.  My other option is to look at a clinical trial.

Living in the NorthEast is a good thing with all the certified cancer treatment centers around us. I have found that many of the docs here know each other and often consult with each other.  There is a list serve with hundreds of doctors who work in clinical trials.  Within 24 hours of presenting my case to the list I received a call the both Jefferson and Penn have a trial I might fit into.  I meet with a doctor at Jefferson to see if I would be a fit for a trial.

What makes me a candidate for the trial is a mutation found when a molecular study was done.  Not only do I have a rare cancer but I also have a rare KRas mutation.   While I won’t know until tomorrow what the study will entail, I was able to find many articles about a new drug recently approved for non-small cell lung cancer that focuses on shutting down the KRas mutation.  it appears they are starting studies with the drug on GI cancers.  I am both nervous and excited for tomorrow.  Nervous because I don’t know what to expect. and excited for the opportunity to help others while helping myself.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity clinical trials provide, For feeling good even though my body wants to fall apart and for the changing seasons.


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