New Insurance Day

by | Aug 2, 2021

Today is the day, the day my new insurance with my new job kicks in.  WooHoo.

Actually, I am so blessed to have the incredible benefits provided to me by Adelphi through Omnicom Health Group.  I am blessed just to have insurance and to share in the costs with my employer.  The challenge however, is all my treatment was pre approved under my previous plan.  I was unable to get my treatment scheduled last week so that means today the process starts all over again.

While I don’t expect it to take a long time to have it all approved again, my nurse navigator has been pretty amazing so far, I am frustrated at the time all this takes.  What the Heck??!!  I do trust Susan will be on top of it when she gets in this morning.

What I still need is the PET scan that will hopefully show the origin of my cancer.  This is important in helping my doctors determine if there has been a spread and where the cancer starter.  Knowing where it started can help guide the treatment I will receive.  Honestly, I just want them to go in and cut this monster out but need to be patient since the mass is pressing on my bladder and it needs to be shrunk to prevent any damage to my bladder.

I am still at a loss for how this became so big so fast.  I do now, and always have,  felt good throughout this whole process. Since my biopsy three weeks ago I have experienced some discomfort in my belly where the incisions were made but honestly never felt anything before that other than the cramping that led to my CT scan.  I also can’t come to terms with the clean colonoscopy I had in February 2020.  I am so diligent with my physical check ups.  I also have Hashimoto’s disease so I get an annual check up, my last was in February 2021,  mammogram and blood work.  It has always been fine so I have no explanation for my diagnosis, nor do my doctors.

I realize I have to accept my diagnosis and there will never be an explanation for my diagnosis.  I really don’t want to but I have to so that I can allow some brain space to deal with the treatment.  I will continue my daily walks, my positive mind set and community of my friends and family.  That is the only thing I can control in this, I don’t give up control easily.  I do know God is in this with me and he will guide my path the way he has planned.  I will continue to fight the way I know how realizing this will be harder than any race training I have ever done.  I was successful in race training and I will be successful with this.


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