New Doctor Day

by | Jul 23, 2021

Today I see a new doctor for the first time since this all began.

On the advice from a friend, I messaged my Gyn Onc on Wednesday to see if my biopsy results were back.  She called Thursday morning letting me know it appears my cancer is GI related and therefore out of her realm.  After asking if I was ok with her referring me to another doctor she mentioned I would be seeing Steven Cohen, MD.  Of course the first thing I did was search for him in google and was happy to see he has some pretty prestigious titles including Vice Chair of the Sydney Kimmel Cancer center for Jefferson as well as professor in the medical school.

Technology today is amazing and I was able to use the Jefferson MyChart app to see if there were any changes in my record.  I noticed a new patient visit had been scheduled for me with Dr. Cohen on August 3.  Two more weeks of waiting.  My mind started racing.  Eric and I came up with an expression for this while on one of our walks.  As we came up on another walker with a dog who was pulling on the leash anxious to get some head pats.  Eric looked at me and said, that is kind of like when your brain starts to race, you need to teach it to walk on a leash.  So leash training for the brain is a constant thing.

I did debate in my head whether I could wait another two weeks to get my plan.  Work was busy with back to back meetings so there wasn’t much time to call a busy Oncology practice.  Brain leash training was in full force.  During one of my short breaks between meetings my phone rang and it was Dr. Cohen’s office.  They were calling me to see if I could make an appointment tomorrow, TODAY.  You see, Dr. Cohen was leaving for vacation and felt “bad” he couldn’t see me until August 3 so he is fitting me in today at 2PM.

So today at 2PM, Eric and I will meet with Dr. Cohen to discuss my biopsy results and my plan to go to war with cancer.  For me it is the final acknowledgement that YES I do have cancer and YES there is going to be a lot of suck in my near future.  I pray that I will be able to embrace the suck because the suck is going to make me better,  It is going to give me more time with my children, It is going to give me more time with Eric and my friends.  It is going to allow me to complete the goals I have set for recovery, running the Pittsburgh Marathon, Competing in the Survival or the Mills, and what ever else comes my way.


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