My thighs don’t rub!

by | Sep 14, 2021

I know it sounds silly but I have always been conscious of my body and to be honest, have been very unkind.  My thighs always rubbed.  This was more than just an annoyance as sometimes they rubbed so much they would wear a hole in my pants or at the very least they would leave the material looking like it was rubbed by a piece of sand paper.

I always tried to tell myself this was because I was an athlete and I had bigger thighs from running and cycling.  I took solace when a chiropractor friend told me I was a bigger person but that was because I was an athlete and was muscular through my whole body.  Although I wanted to believe him, I always struggled with feeling inadequate and BIG.  In my mind, being BIG  was the reason why I struggled to run faster times, or the reason why I had a hard time climbing hills on my bike.

Today, as I walk, I notice my thighs don’t rub anymore.  It is funny how the seasons of your life change your perspective.  Before cancer, I would have been excited with thighs that no longer rub but today, while still excited, I know it is because of the treatments I have to endure to kill the little Fuckers and send them on their way.  I guess you could say the gratitude for non-rubbing thighs is different and has gone from one of vanity to one of necessity.

I promise moving forward to love my thighs whether they rub or not.  This is the body God gave me and it will change based on the needs it has.  Rubbing thighs are to be appreciated just as much as non-rubbing thighs.  So I say to my thighs…….Rub away if you need to.  I will cherish you for what you are and for what you do for me on a daily basis.

Today my gratitude is for a body that adapts to the needs it has, for new insights and perspective and for morning walks that help with my mental set each morning.


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