by | Oct 11, 2021

It is early Monday morning and I was pretty lazy this weekend.  I worked at the Brewery on Saturday and felt pretty good.  It is odd with the neuropathy in my hands that carrying glasses of beer to the window affects the pins and needles in my fingers.  I have always tried to not carry the cups at the top, where people place their lips to drink, but that is now the only “safe” space to hold them and that is not always safe.  I apologize to and customer who might think it rude to touch the rim of the cup but if you know the uncomfortable pins and needles I get I hope you would understand.  I am seeing the the acupuncturist tomorrow and will hopefully get some benefit soon from that.

Today starts another week, another week of the unknown but also another week of opportunity.  I choose to look at the opportunities available to me this week.  I have the ability to manage my cancer by watching my diet, drinking lots of filtered water, and keeping a positive mindset.  This is where I am so grateful for Adelphi and my colleagues there.  I was worried when I started working there and received my diagnosis.  At first it seemed like a cruel joke.  I finally found a job I love with awesome and understanding coworkers and the salary to help support my future.  I now look at Adelphi as a place I can make a difference.  I can make a difference in process and being a strong employee through my treatment process.  Adelphi gives me peace of mind that all will be ok and that I am where I need to be.  I can make a difference and be successful while having the work opportunity to take my mind off what my body is doing.  I am so grateful for that.

Today’s gratitude:  Adelphi, I am so grateful for you, rest days that allow my body to heal and feeling good and pain free.


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