Monday morning (5/23) Update

by | May 23, 2022

Good morning all.  Tara had an ok weekend.  She REALLY wants to be out of a hospital bed and back home.  Being able to sleep without a constant cacophony of alarms and nurses poking, prodding, and taking vitals will certainly be good for her.  She did get about an hour and a half of solid sleep on Sunday afternoon.  It was nice to hear her lightly snoring for a somewhat extended period of time.  I chased one nurse out who came in to take vitals!  

The nursing staff has been absolutely incredible.  Same for the Palliative Care team that is working on the plan to get her home.  We’re grateful for their compassion and care.  

IV nutrition (as opposed to IV fluids only) began on Saturday and that made her a bit more lively.  She’s still sleeping a lot due to the pain meds.  Her pain is intermittent.  When it hits she’s describing it as 7 out of 10.  

Here’s what the plan is for today/this week and what we’re hoping for:

  • She’ll have a CT scan today to determine if fluid (ascites) is building up in her abdomen.  We were encouraged by the fact that only a liter had built up over the last 4 weeks so fingers crossed that the volume is low if there’s any at all.
  • Assuming that volume is low she’ll have a gastric tube placed to continue to drain her stomach and small intestine.  The gastric tube will allow her to go home which is what all of us want.  The doctors will observe the tube for 24 hours and if all is well she’ll be able to go home. 
  • Once she’s home we’ll have the IV nutrition and gastric tube to deal with.  She’ll receive some home care and I’ll move my computer to her house so that I’m available.  We’re not sure exactly what her day to day will look like but we’re confident she’ll get everything she needs.  Stay tuned for ways you can help, visiting schedule, etc. 

I’ll do my best to post again later today if we have some news to share.  Thank you all for the incredible outpouring of love and support! 

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  1. Lori Smith

    Tara – Iv’e been reading the updates on and off, but you’re in my thoughts and prayers often. Hoping the pain gets under control for you.


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