Lots of tests

by | Oct 27, 2021

I am so grateful to be out of the mess of tests and doctor calls.  The less I need to discuss what is happening in my body the better it is to mentally.

Last Thursday I had round 6 of chemo.  Eric went with me and things were moving along as normal until the nurse came out on Saturday to take pumpy home.  Fran went through the usual disconnect process, wiping everything down with alcohol, but once I was completely disconnected she took the chemo bag out of the pump to throw it away.  “Something’s not right, that is a full bag of chemo” were the next words I heard from her mouth.  What!!!!!  I didn’t understand because pumpy hummed along like it always does and never gave an alarm for the entire 46 hours I wore it.  Fran looked at the data in the pump and it showed the pump ran for the required amount of time and distributed the correct amount of chemo, all good except the full bag spoke otherwise.

While I waited for the nursing team to figure out what to do, my mind raced and raced and the thing I heard the most was “I can’t go back on that pump”.  My stomach turned into a nauseous mess just thinking about it.  I bravely told Fran I didn’t want to be reconnected, she was not able to do it at the moment as she didn’t have the right equipment to re hook.  I was told to call the doctor on Monday morning and let them know what happened.  I just couldn’t go back on the pump, I had so much planned that I needed to do without it.

Monday morning, on the way home from visiting the surgeon, I called the doctor and of course was told they wanted me back on the pump. OMG!!!!  NOOOOOO!!! But always the good patient, I agreed.  Monday evening my doorbell rang and I was greeted by Fran who looked at me and said “They talked you into going back on the pump!”  Yes, I guess they did.

Pumpy has proven to be a well traveled, if not friendly, traveling companion.  I had him with me when I went for blood work for my thyroid, when I went for acupuncture and when I went for my CT scan last evening.  Of course he is always between Eric and I in bed as well, pumping along through the night.

Well can can go home this afternoon and I am ready to send him off.  He is an inconvenience and 92 hours attached to a humming bag is enough.  Is it 3:30 yet?  It can’t come fast enough.

So what is my plan after my visits this week?  I spoke with the surgeon at Fox Chase, it would have been helpful to have my test results back for the visit but apparently everyone is trying to get scanned right now.  Anyway, I am continually impressed with the doctors at Fox Chase.  They are kind, compassionate and thorough which puts me at ease every time I have to go see them.  I am still getting my chemo at Jefferson because I appreciate the private chemo rooms.  I don’t think I could mentally sit for 3  hours in a room full of sick people while receiving my chemo.  I will get there but right now, no.

Dr. Reddy said I am on the exact course he would want to see me on.  After 6 treatments he would scan, which I did last night, then after 12 treatments would revisit options.  All that means right now if I need to pray the CT results show improvement which I have no reason to think they won’t.  I feel good, without pain and fullness like I had before.  I will need 6 more treatments but I am at the midway point and I can start counting backwards, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 to the next course, whatever that may be.

Please continue to pray.  I need prayers more than anything right now.

Today I am grateful for resilience to change direction when the unexpected happens, each morning’s sunrise that if quite a sight this time of year and for friends who continue to check in and bring meals so I can rest after putting in a full day of work.


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