looking forward

by | Nov 19, 2021

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Life is not meant to be traveled backwards.

I am learning to live life moving forward and not look at the past.  While there was a lot of happiness in my past there was also  lot of pain and drama.  I am leaving that all behind, I have no room in my heart for it anymore.  I am making room for all the good times ahead, all the happy memories I plan to make.

To start with, my mother and brother will be with me for Thanksgiving.  Finally I will be able to hug my mother after missing out on my usual summer trip back to Pittsburgh. I know many of us did not have this experience because of COVID but my absence from the hugs was related to health issues, mine and my mother’s.  I missed celebrating her 80th birthday this year and also missed celebrating my younger brother turning 50.  We will have time next week to do that.

I am not going to worry about fussing over the Thanksgiving dinner, making sure to have the table set just so and to have all the “right” traditions.  Time together will be the focus this year and everything else will fall into place.   I might even put up my Christmas tree.  I only wish the kids could be here with us.

My Gratitude:  for the insight to live looking forward and not back, for my family and the hugs I am about to give and receive and for the Holiday time which this year I am not going to let stress me out, I am going to enjoy it.





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