Longwod Gardens

by | Dec 10, 2021

The beautiful lights of Longwood.

This past Wednesday I took a vacation day to visit Longwood Gardens with my friend Kim.  I struggle right now whether to be out in public, especially with Omicron spreading, but I know I need to keep living I just need to be more aware of how I choose to do that.  So on Wednesday I loaded up with all things warm, new hat/scarf combo, thanks Kristin, two pair of gloves including the lobster claws, fleece lined pants, wool socks, ‘da boots with the fur and hand and feet warmers and hot tea.

The thing about getting your self so prepared for the cold, I tend to forget about the times when I will be somewhere not so cold, like the car.  Kim announced her arrival with the text of “your chariot had arrived” and I proceeded outside ready to brave the cold.  Well that was a mistake right off the bat.  You see Kim planned for me to be cold and had the car nice and toasty.

No worries, I just had to strip down out of my overlayers and was able to enjoy the comforts of the toasty warm car.

Longwood did not disappoint.  It had been a few years since I was there for the Christmas lights and we were there a little earlier in the day but man was it beautiful.  What is it with the color blue?  I found myself drawn to anything lit in blue.  Off we marched to watch the fountains dance to Christmas music, enjoy the beauty of the conservatory, check out the trains and tree house, tour the DuPont house, a little stop to sit by the fire pit and a final stop in the store.  We were able to enjoy the gardens before the rush of the crowds and got to see the lights as we were exiting.

A last little stop at Starbucks where we both enjoyed a peppermint drink, perfect for a Christmas warm up.  As we were leaving, we both admitted to wanting to buy everything in Starbucks during Christmas.  Not sure what that is about but everyone needs Starbucks at Christmas.

I thought I would sleep on the way home as I was very tried from all the walking.  Kim and I started talking and before we knew it we were in Montgomeryville where it was snowing.  A perfect end to a Christmas outing.  What does one do when they are driving in one of the first snowfalls of the year?  Put on Christmas music and sing your heart out.  Our choice of song was the 12 days of Christmas which of course has to be sung in the perfect Muppets voice.  Oh when Ms. Piggy sings about five golden rings, such memories.

I feel I am so blessed to have had this experience.  Grateful to have a job that provides time off to recharge.  Grateful to have friends who are so supportive and loving and most importantly grateful for every day that I get to live on this earth.  It is a little crazy at times but it is home!


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