Live in Gratitude

by | Apr 18, 2022

“I want you to enjoy the wonder of walking through your life as My follower—totally forgiven! The best response to this wondrous gift is to live in gratitude, seeking to please Me above all else.”

As I read my bible studies today, this one stuck out to me.  It forced me to ask myself if I really live my life in gratitude.  Sometimes I think I do  good job of being grateful but there are many days where I fall short on gratitude.  This weekend was one I fell short on  gratitude, I am not sure why.  Of course it was Easter, a day we celebrate the risen lord, such a holy holiday.  I spent the day with Luke, Eric and
Brooke.  If I needed anything more to be grateful for, Sunday should not have been that day as i had all i needed.

On Easter I found my mind focused on my health and the fear of leaving the ones I love so much.  Because of the diagnostic procedure I had a week and  a half ago, I did not have my last chemo treatment.  It has been good to have the extra weeks off chemo but my mind has been focused on every little sensation I feel in my body.  Is the cancer progressing?  I really hope not but it is all in God’s hands. Yes I continue  to feel little pains around my abdomen, a constant reminder that I am fighting cancer.  Lord I do not want to leave my kids without a mom.

I am disappointed in myself for allowing my feelings to be my primary focus when i had the opportunity to just be with my loved ones.  I realize I need to allow my self to experience my feelings as I am human after all and the feelings are real.

I am grateful for the hope of a new day.  Today on this new day I will remind myself to live in gratitude.  i am grateful, grateful for the doctors who are also fighting to heal my cancer, for my friends who continue to come through for me and grateful for God’s forgiveness and the promise to start over provided by the new day.  While today is cold and we might even have snow, i am grateful to be alive and feeling well.  T
hank you Lord for this new day.


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