Listen to my body? What is that?

by | Aug 15, 2021

Today I am tired.  I can’t remember that last time I felt so tired that I wanted to lay on the couch all do and not do anything.  I am not only tired physically but also mentally.  The mental part is the hardest right now as it is allowing the thoughts I don’t want to have creep in.  It is tough to keep living one day at a time when there is so much to plan for and do.

I help Eric out at the brewery every other weekend enjoy my time there talking with customers and seeing all the dogs and kids who come up to see us.  This weekend was an extra long day because we had two events to cover.  Eric and I were at Font Hill Beer fest then left to head to the brewery for our ChuicyStock.  I had taken a nap before heading out but was tired long before I expected to be.  My body was telling me to rest.  I didn’t listen because my help was needed and continued to work even though I felt like I had been hit my a train.  I should have listened to my body and found a place to lay down for a while.

By the end of the evening, my body hurt from head to toe. I crawled onto be way later than I am used to and fell fast asleep.  I realize that I need the physical strength and endurance to keep the mental strength going.  It is much easier to go to a bad place when You are tired.

Today I will take it easy.  I see a lot of couch time but also a nice slow walk at the park.  Fresh air is always good for healing too.

Listening to my body is going to be hard.


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