Lessons from Cancer

by | Mar 4, 2022

When I received my diagnosis I never imagined there were many lessons I could learn from it. I mean cancer is destructive and disruptive but if you really pay attention and allow yourself to see things openly, it is also a teacher.

One of the biggest things I have learned is to slow down and not try to rush through my day.  I had been that person who has to do lists all over the house.  I would wake up with my mind racing with ideas to get things on the list done.  In doing so I missed the calm of the quiet mornings in the house. I missed the silent hum of the heat warming the house, I missed watching the beautiful sunrises that continue to happen earlier and earlier each morning.  I missed allowing myself to feel  warm and snuggled under a blanket on the couch.  Instead, In was going to complete all the tasks on that list.  Thanks to cancer
I have slowed down and learned to fight the need to be constantly active.

I also learned that it is important to surround yourself with friends who bring you joy by being a positive influence in your life.  I have always had a lot of acquaintances but there are only a small group of these acquaintances I  allow to be close.  Those friends support you now matter what.  The are always there to take you to doctor visits and plan fun adventures.  They are the type of people who bring you homemade chocolate chip cookies when you tell them you have been craving them.  They bring you dinner then stay with you for hours talking about stuff.  They also are those friend from afar who constantly let you know they are cheering for you.  I have so many nice reminders  from out of town friends: cards, blankets, puzzles, books,   fluffy socks and jackets, even a saucony running shirt with manatees on it.  I will be wearing that shirt on a run soon!  Look out Doylestown!

So today I feel I need to thank my cancer for the many lessons.  I don’t like it and wish I was never in this position but here I am, might as well make the bet of it


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