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by | Feb 3, 2022

Boy was yesterday an action filled day:

  • My new couch arrived, see below for how much fun it was getting the old couch out.
  • My new cleaners came and the house filled with the sounds of vacuums, scrubbing, and general cleaning.
  • Then I had the opportunity to speak with a new/old friend who I know from The Tour de Pink ride.  Thank you Tiff for taking the time to talk with me.
  • Then I got to speak with another new friend.  She was referred to me by someone else but when I spoke with her and heard her story I felt like we were walking a fairly similar cancer journey.  The only difference is her journey began 13 years ago.  I will be talking to her surgeon in Baltimore to see if he thinks he can help me.
  • Then my friend and old neighbor stopped over to bring dinner.  Little did she know she would get caught in our net of getting the old couch out of the house.  Sue and Luke were able to get the couch to the front door but it would not go out. Luke said he would take the couch apart so Sue left.
  • Then my friend Kim dropped by for Tara/Kim Wednesday.  She had stopped at PA Soup and Seafood so we took a break to eat dinner.  Luke on the other hand would not eat dinner until the couch was out of the house.  While Kim and I ate, Luke decided to cut open the couch and take out all the stuffing, why is that blue by the way.  After dinner, he and Kim squeezed the couch through the front door and out to the curb.  Mission accomplished.
  • I was very tired by the end of the day.

Today stands to be another banner, not so busy day.  When I first moved to Doylestown I met my dear friend Tammy.  We shared so much, lived together in her father’s house, met our future husbands together and started out enjoying lives as married couple friends.  Unfortunately in 2013 our friendship ended and we haven’t spoken since other than when I attended her mother’s funeral, I was very close to her family as well.  Last week I received  text from Tammy asking if I would be willing to talk with her, of course I did.  So we talked and reconnected through tears and laughter.  Today we are going to get a chance to  see each out and, I feel pretty certain, share some more tears and laughter.  This time it wont be over the phone.  This time it will be face to face over a Chick Fil A meal.

My heart is full this week with friends old and new.  God is good and I am grateful he brought these folks and experiences to me.  Thank you!


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