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by | May 2, 2022

So Friday I visited with Dr. Babar Bashir at Jefferson to discuss a clinical trial he is working on.  Eric went with me for a second set of ears and served as my driver for he day.  It wasn’t a particularly long day but I was certainly tired and overwhelmed by the time we got home.

The short story of the trial is I have a mutation that occurs in .5% of my type of cancer.  A drug was recently FDA approved as a targeted therapy for my mutation in lung cancer.  The trial is now looking at this mutation in GI cancer.  Of course I cannot ever do things the easy way and have to be the rarest of the rare.  Dr. Bashear, I think in his was of trying to comfort me, told me in this case being rare is a good thing.  There is a trial for me and they have been able to secure a slot for me.

My next steps include a battery of testing to make sure I am healthy enough to participate as well as to set some baseline observations.  The team at Jefferson will handle the scheduling for me, again I am not good at giving up control, and I hope to have it all scheduled soon.  I will be taking a pill so there is no IV treatment right now.  I

One thing I haven’t added is I have been receiving services at KIN Wellness in Doylestown.  If you are local you will know of Pine to Pink, this is an extension of Pine to Pink.  I am grateful for KIN and the services they offer.  I have been able to receive chiropractic, yoga, acupuncture and dietary counseling all for free.  Thank you to everyone in the community who made this place possible.  I am especially grateful to those friends whose names stand out when I walk into Kin.

Today I need to focus on moving things forward, forward to better health.  I need to continue leaning on my friends and family who have stood by my side this whole time.  I need to focus on being a Mom to two college Freshman next year, Brooke decided to go back to school and will be attending Moravian.  I need to be there with them through every up and down as there are many before they set out on their next chapter.




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