How is it Monday again?

by | Nov 29, 2021

Phew, cannot believe how fast the days go by.   I feel like I spent so much time looking forward to the week off from work and spending time chilling with my family.  All that went by so quickly and I find myself missing my mom and brother as I watch the news this morning.

I can’t explain the feeling but everything just seems right when I get to spend time with my mom and brother.  It has been a crazy year with mom turning 80 and having too many falls this past year.  One fall was bad enough she needed to have surgery to release the pressure on her brain.  Seeing her this past week, you wouldn’t even know all she has been through.  I think the total count of falls over the last year is five with a couple trips to the ER.  Keith is a saint and such a good son to her.  I wish I could be the one taking care of her but know she is in good hands with him.  I do hope I have inherited some of her catlike 7 lives characteristics.

So today starts a new week, a new time for opportunities.  My birthday is this week and I will treat myself by sitting in the chair at Jefferson for chemo.  Round number 9 is this Thursday but this time I have taken the whole day off work.  My birthday treat will come later in the day when I come home, crawl under a blanket and hopefully get a good afternoon naps in.  Naps have become a necessity lately as the cold weather, wacko thyroid and chemo have made me more tired than normal.  I am grateful for the times I get to get a nap in.

I am looking forward to the holiday season and plan to do as much as my body allows me.  Of course this new COVID variant can make some of the activities I have planned challenging but I will do my best to have as normal a holiday season as I can.  Plans include a trip to see the Rockettes, Longwood Gardens and seeing friends as much as possible.  I am looking forward to all the fund times ahead but first I have to get through this Monday.

My Gratitude: Family who is always there to support me, the lights of the Christmas tree and the comfort they provide, the quiet of the morning when I can set my mind and spirit on a path to a good day.



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