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by | Dec 28, 2021

Today is another day of vacation for me.  One of the nicest benefits from my new employer is being closed between Christmas and New Year.  I am still planning my day but am looking forward to ending it with friends from the brewery.

The past few days have been pretty lazy but I was blessed to have Luke with me for Christmas.  I don’t know if anyone can appreciate the pure joy that he is.  We had a great time together, went to church on Christmas Eve, boy was it empty, Celebrated the birth of Jesus and exchanged Christmas gifts and ended the week with a trip to the movie theater to see Spiderman.  I am trying to keep my exposure to COVID limited while still trying to live my life.  Luke goes to his Dad’s today which means I will be having chemo later in the week.

I feel like I still have not recovered fully from the last treatment.  My stomach decided to swell again and I feel like I am carrying a 10 pound baby.  I don’t have pain, just discomfort, which I think is good.  I see the doctor on this visit and did have a CT scan done last week so I will have that to review with him.  The changes in my stomach don’t come without fear especially since losing my distended belly at the beginning of the journey was such a positive.  I don’t know if the change is a good thing or not so good thing but I will face it whatever it is.  I did speak with the nurse who feels it is probably fluid build up that may need to be drained.  I will deal with it when the time comes. I know I am living God’s plan for me so I have nothing to do except keep moving forward.  God is in control and I know he is not ready to see me at the pearly gates yet.



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