Getting in the Christmas spirit

by | Dec 8, 2021

How is it already December 8?

Having started my new job in June, I didn’t expect to have much time off until next year.  There is always that prorating and earning you have to do with vacation days.  Was I surprised to find that I had more time off than expected and since I will not be looking at surgery this year, decided to use the time making memories.  There are a few days saved for college tours is Luke hears from any of his schools before the year end.  As a side note, he already got accepted to Penn State so the worry of getting into a college has been put to rest.

Today I took a day off and decided to spend it with Kim celebrating the holidays at Longwood Gardens.  It has been quite a few years since I have been there and Kim has never been.  We will both be amazed and refreshed by the beauty that is Longwood at Christmas.  I am loaded up with foot warmers and hand warmers to make the day the most enjoyable.  The temps are not supposed to get out of the low 40s so those will come in handy.  Also last night I was treated to another gift from my friend Kristin.  Perfect timing Kristin with the head and neck buff.  I will look so attractive walking around looking like Ralphie’s younger brother.  Just a means to an end and that end is to get out and enjoy the holiday traditions.  Thank you so much Kim and Kristin for helping me do that.

I also had the opportunity yesterday to make a new friend, a cancer survivor.  Not only is he a cancer survivor but our journeys are very similar, I am just a couple of years behind him.  Same path to diagnosis, same course of treatment, used the same surgeon I have been talking to.  After a 12 hour surgery to remove the cancer and HIPEC to inject chemo to kill any remaining bastards, he was told they got it and the cancer was dead when then went in for surgery.  How awesome to have him placed on my path!  His outcome is the one I am visualizing for my self, recovery with dead fuckers inside.  Even though none of the doctors I have seen have told me this outcome is possible, I know it is possible and it is possible for me.  So for now I will keep living, keep believing and continue to have hope while I fight to make sure my outcome is the best it possible can be.

Gratitude for today:  Friends who surprise me out of the blue, an employer who has been fantastically understanding and the comfort and peace of the holiday season


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