Getting a break

by | Aug 5, 2021

The last few days were a a rush of activity.  I found it to be a little too much at once and had a melt down on Tuesday.  The stress of planning and the preparation to fighting a cancer is a lot.  That was probably one of the best cries I had in a long time, I don’t cry, and I am grateful for Eric, Natasha and Bobby for being there to life me up.

So now I have my PET scan done, still waiting for results, and my port in ready for chemo.  Monday I will see a doctor at PENN  to get a second opinion and possibly meet the surgeon who will perform my surgery if my cancer and chemo play nice together.

Four days for a break!  It will be nice to not need to think about taking time off work and planning for a doctor or test.  I never felt the anxiety around these two things as I do now.  But I am doing it and getting it done despite my fears and anxious mind.

I also was able to hear another friend share her cancer story with me.  I find it interesting how much we talk about cancer and death.  The first time I got my hair colored I had to leave early because all the conversation was about tragedy.  I never realized how, we as a society, choose to discuss bad over good.  I hear it so loudly now.  Given this, I have been asking friends to share their stories of success with me.  The other night, Eric and I went for a walk.  We usually walk in the morning but had to skip it to leave for my PET scan that day.  We were walking when I saw my friend Sandy on her tractor cutting the grass.  She didn’t have to stop and talk with us, we were both busy, but she pulled her tractor to the road and asked how we were doing.  I shared what was going on with me and she shared her story of her battle with intestinal cancer.  I knew she had cancer but was not sure of the type.  She just celebrated her 5 year cancerversary!!!!  Thank you For sharing your story Sandi.  I am sure you don’t know how much you eased my mind that day.  We were meant to cross paths.

Speaking of walking, I need to finish my coffee and get dressed to walk.  I hope you are awake Jenning!

Have a great day.


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