Friday mid-day Update

by | May 27, 2022

Get ready for a roller coaster of WTF…
Tara called before I left to head down to the hospital and said that they told her she was going home today! Yay!
I got here and they had told her she ISN’T going home today. Boo.  (if you know me well, you know that I used a different word than “Boo”.)
After more ups and downs in two and a quarter hours it looks like we have a plan that actually will get her home but not until tomorrow.
There’s a home infusion nurse, Fran, who has stopped by to visit Tara here in the hospital a couple of times. She had been to Tara’s to unhook her from the chemo pump a few times.
She just came in to talk to me. She made calls to her team and put pressure on her manager to get the staff in place to get things set up for home care.  – That was/is the problem. – Their staff is way behind and they don’t have enough people to cover Tara. If she hadn’t pulled strings Tara probably would have been in here until next Wednesday!
So…she’ll get her TPN nutrition overnight tonight and get unhooked in the morning.
TPN for the next three days will be delivered here and I’ll take that home tomorrow.
She should be out of here in the late afternoon tomorrow.
Home Infusion will come out on Sunday to switch out the TPN (which will be 24 hours for the first bag since they can’t get someone out. That was part of Fran’s plan, too.). They’ll also do some training on swapping out the TPN and operating the pump. They’ll be back out on Monday to repeat the training and check things.
Tara is getting another paracentesis now. The catheter for that will be placed at a later date. That also allows her to get out of here.


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