Fall Monday

by | Sep 27, 2021

Happy Monday!

Today Fall is really in the air.  It is cool and refreshing outside which is nice but I worry it may affect my walk.  The chemo has started some neuropathy in my hands and throat and while I love the cooler weather, it causes pins and needles in my hands and causes my throat to feel paralyzed.  It is only temporary thankfully and goes away after I warm up.  I will try bundling up so if you see someone walking today who looks like they are ready for the next September blizzard it is only me trying to get my walk in.


Todays I wanted to post about my new love.  Back in February, pre covid, my friend asked if I wanted a new bike.  I really didn’t because at the time I had three (triathlon, mountain and road).  The cost of the bike made it one I could not refuse and was even better because this it the bike Heather Jackson rides.  If you don’t know Heather, she is a bad ass triathlete who started riding some gravel.

Anyway, I had to have this bike, because I secretly want to be Heather, and the offer was just too good to turn away.  Well then COVID hit and the world changed dramatically.  I don’t think bicycle retailers never dreamed there would be such a demand for bikes but that is what happened.  Delivery of my bike was delayed indefinitely so I decided to ride my tri bike on Zwift in the basement.  That was all good but not the same as being outside.

Fast forward to September, and after many changes and delays in delivery of my bike, I find out my bike has arrived.  WooHoo, Heather here I come.  I managed to sell my tri bike for more than I paid for it and purchase this brand new, and rocking, bike.  I think her name is Betty!

Thanks to the beautiful weather we had here this weekend, Eric, Betty and I took a nice ride on the towpath along the Delaware river.  That was the first time we were down there since IDA came through and the power from that storm is still evident.  Huge boulders seemed to appear out of no where, roads were lifted right where they were and massive trees are no longer standing.  I feel fortunate we were not affected like that in my community,

I know my thoughts are scattered this morning but that is just where my brain is.  So many thoughts that need to be calmed back into the routine of a regular work week.

My gratitude is for the beauty of fall and the opportunities it provides, the love and support of Eric, the feeling of health and well being that allows me to still walk and bike.  Someday I will even be able to run again!



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