dolphins and sharks

by | Sep 20, 2021



I bought this piece a few years ago at the Philadelphia bike expo.  The artist is known for his creative artwork, usually sport inspired. Doug had many pictured on display but as a swimmer I was drawn to this particular one. I had the opportunity to speak with Doug when I purchased this and asked him what he was thinking when he created it.  He told me he originally designed it with just the swimmer in the water amongst a group of sharks.  He said after he did that he needed something to help the swimmer through the shark filled waters so he added the dolphins to help.  I bought this piece of art because I was racing triathlon at the time and loved the thought of the dolphins helping me when I was swimming in the backwaters in Atlantic City.

I have always loved dolphins, as well as manatees, and have been fortunate enough to swim with them both.  I remember the time I swam with the dolphins. I remember waiting patiently in the water for them to approach me, yes I was squealing like a little kid just ask Brooke and Luke.  Once they came along side me I put my hand on their back and allowed them to take me along the water as fast as they could.  What an exhilarating feeling to surf the water all with the assistance of the mighty dolphin.  I will never forget that experience.

Today, this piece of art hangs on the wall of my office.  It is right in front of me in the middle of some bible verses.  I originally hung it there because I just loved it so much.  Today when I look at it the meaning of the message is so different. Today when I look at it I see the sharks as the cancer cells on my abdomen trying to get me but the dolphins are all of my family and friends who are helping me fight back the sharks.  You are helping me keep my mind focused on healing and out of the dark spaces that sometimes sneak into my thoughts.

I thank God for everyone who has been there for me.  Not just as I travel this current journey but through all the years.  Times when I was home with a newborn and suffering from major panic episode, when I was in raising my children, basically on my own, when I made the decision to get divorced and live a new, happier, life, when I was helping Brooke through her own challenged with anxiety and depression and now as I fight the toughest fight I will ever encounter.

I love dolphins and I love all of you.  I pray you will keep helping me fight back the sharks on this journey.  They are fierce but I know that dolphins are just as fierce.

My gratitude today is for a Sunday with NO Sunday scaries, All the dolphins swimming with me and for Monday mornings and new beginnings.



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