Diagnostic Laparoscopy

by | Jan 25, 2022

Today is the day.

I have to be a Jefferson today by 10:30 with Surgery scheduled for 12.  How am I feeling?  Well I didn’t sleep well last night.  With the fluid back in my abdomen it is hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in.  I also kept waking up with a killer headache and ear pain.  Not sure what that was about but it was really annoying.  I guess I will have time to sleep this afternoon

I am worried that the fluid could affect my chances for getting the bigger surgery.  When I first started getting the fluid, I was walking every day and I feel that help with the build up.  It stayed away for quite a while but it is back again just two weeks after it was drained.  I have to get my butt moving somehow, it might be time to buy a treadmill or the rower I have been wanting to get.

On buying new, I have been spending a lot of time laying on my couch. It is a comfortable couch made of leather.  Well about a year ago the leather started peeling. It is now at the point whenever I get up there are pieces of leather all over me.  It took me a while to figure out what was on the toilet seat whenever I got up.  Anyway, a new couch is being delivered tomorrow so I hope to spend the weekend on the new couch.  All are welcome to come sit on it with me.

Probably the most important outcome from yesterday is I tested negative for COVID.  I really don’t know how But I missed it this time.

Today’s gratitude:  Negative COVID tests, the ability to have fluid drained from the body and exploratory surgery to navigate the surgical process/



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