Dang Cold

by | Nov 17, 2021

It is really cold outside.  Really it shouldn’t feel as cold as it does but with the side effects of chemo, the cold is a PIA.  What are the side effects?  Neuropathy sucks.  It causes tingling and numbness in my fingers and hands as well as my legs and backside.  Taking anything out of the refrigerator is hard especially without gloves.  Who wants to wear gloves to get the milk for coffee? Not me but it is what I am faced with.

The neuropathy had caused me to re think my daily walks.  Mostly I don’t go for them when it is below 60.  I can easily bundle up, wear gloves and a scarf but the worst side effect for me right now is the numbness the cold causes in my throat and nose.  When exposed to the cold my throat feels like it is paralyzed.  It makes it hard to swallow anything and the taste in my mouth is just gross.  That reminds me I need to get more gum before this week’s treatment.  My nose gets so sore that is starts to bleed.  Yes the attractive side off chemo for sure.

Since I can’t walk, I set my new bike up for the trainer and hope to spend many hours this winter riding in my basement.  I wish it could be outside by the feelings from the neuropathy just are not worth it to me when there is an alternative way to exercise.  I do miss my walks though.  I miss the usual suspects from my walk.  There was always Seamus, a good old dog, and his two friends, We would joke with his dad that he was Seamus’ dad.  I would sometimes see the Frenias out starting their day as well as my old neighbor Jim.  There were also many regular walkers who I did not know but always looked forward to seeing just to get a quick hello or laugh with them.

I will walk outside again, when it is warmer, but for now I miss it.  I miss seeing people.

This is a chemo week so I will probably be home for the weekend chilling on my couch.  No more brewery hours for Eric and I as we have moved beyond that so it will be time for us to reconnect.  Maybe Penn State will pull off a W and the Steelers will finish the weekend with a W as well.  Here I come couch!



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